Data Science

Hyperparameter Tuning and Optimization

Classification tasks, such as identifying fraudulent behavior on a credit card, are invaluable to any business or entity. There are many approaches that allow for predicting the class of an unknown object, from simple algorithms like Naive Bayes to more complex ones like XGBoost. However, for most (if not all) of these approaches to modeling… Continue reading Hyperparameter Tuning and Optimization

Data Science

Hypothesis Testing with the Northwind Database

  Microsoft’s Northwind Database has undoubtedly helped many aspiring individuals like myself in being able to play with data techniques such as querying data and building models from the database. There’s a lot that could be done with the database since its schema is relatively simple (see below):   Looking at the available information, there’s… Continue reading Hypothesis Testing with the Northwind Database

Data Science

Feature Selection in Data Analysis

Numbers do not lie, and in our technological era, there is an unprecedented amount of numbers that can provide extremely valuable insight into every sector of the economy. The ability to take this data and digest it properly falls on the shoulders of data scientists. At its most elementary level, analyzing data requires calculating the… Continue reading Feature Selection in Data Analysis

education, Teaching

The Void of Education: What Matters

Every year, I am faced with a challenge familiar to many educators across the US and even around the globe--I have to convince my class that education matters. To some, this may seem redundant, especially for high school students who need to graduate, but any educator instinctively knows that a student will learn best when… Continue reading The Void of Education: What Matters