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The Switch

At the start of October 2018, I started an online data science bootcamp course to begin my transition from education into the world of computers, technology, and heftier paychecks. Education has, for the last 3 years, been a roller coaster. At times, it would ignite my passion to leave the field altogether as I became… Continue reading The Switch

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The Void of Education: What Matters

Every year, I am faced with a challenge familiar to many educators across the US and even around the globe--I have to convince my class that education matters. To some, this may seem redundant, especially for high school students who need to graduate, but any educator instinctively knows that a student will learn best when… Continue reading The Void of Education: What Matters

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Advice for Neophytes

As a profession, teachers have one of the biggest and most diverse clientele base to serve to. Some teach highly autistic children (a very admirable choice) while some tend to focus on more gifted students—a more, ahem, “typical” choice. Regardless of their selection or position, many teachers can easily empathize with a plethora of different… Continue reading Advice for Neophytes